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Break out of the Ice Age
with Black Ice CoolTherapy

A revolutionary leap beyond cryotherapy products based on ice or gels, Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems provide all the therapeutic benefits of traditional cold therapy— reduced swelling, drug-free pain relief and more—without dragging along prehistoric problems like timed application, painful ice burn, skin barriers and the ever-present threat of frostbite and permanent tissue damage.

Cold therapy without the cold
Let’s face it—At 32°F, traditional cold therapy is a pain in the ice. With a safely regulated output of 52°F, each Black Ice Modular CoolTherapy pack can deliver all the medically proven benefits of traditional cold therapy—reduced pain, swelling and muscle spasms— but at a temperature so comfortably soothing, you’ll actually look forward to using it.

Knee injury? Cool!
With a modular pack design, the KTX CoolTherapy Knee Wrap precisely targets your pain and swelling. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic pain or swelling, or just icing after a workout, the KTX delivers soothing and effective CoolTherapy exactly where you need it and for as long as you want it. Need comfortable, Hospital-Grade therapy without the wires, hoses and horrible food? The Rx is Black Ice.

KTX Cool Therapy System (Black Ice)

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