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Break out of the Ice Age
with Black Ice CoolTherapy

A revolutionary leap beyond cryotherapy products based on ice or gels, Black Ice CoolTherapy Systems provide all the therapeutic benefits of traditional cold therapy—reduced swelling, drug-free pain relief and more—without dragging along prehistoric problems like timed application, unbearable pain, skin barriers and the ever-present threat of frost bite.

Cold therapy—without the cold
Like the sophisticated cold therapy pumps used in hospitals, Black Ice CoolTherapy Packs deliver regulated cooling at 52°F—a temperature that's effective for cold therapy while still being soothing and comfortable enough to apply directly to your skin.

Neck pain? Cool!
Based on the popular Black Ice Cool Collar CCX, the NTX is ergonomically-designed to deliver soothing CoolTherapy directly to your aching neck. The simple two-piece design is easy to use, lightweight and compact, allowing you to use CoolTherapy just about anywhere, anytime.

NTX CoolTherapy System (Black Ice)

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