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reLive by AIRfeet® Foot ROLLER & BASE (Patent Pending) - Designed to provide a unique multi-purpose form of relief to foot and body areas of discomfort. 

Our patent pending design is like no other. The REMOVABLE BASE brings a level of ergonomic satisfaction and intelligence that is customary to AIRfeet designs. 

The tactile feel of the base provides a superb sense of feel and grip in your hand that also gives a non-slip solution when placed on the floor for arch relief.

The BASE has our ergonomic detent design for ease of grip. The Sealed bottom allows for use of therapeutic oils without the mess of traditional non base products. 

With a light twist the Roller can be removed from the base for ease of cleaning

Assembled Set includes: 1 Roller and 1 Base


. Neuropathy

. Plantar Fasciitis

. Poor Circulation

. Foot & Arch Discomfort

. Full Body Muscle & Therapy


. Multi Purpose Full Body Use

. Patent Pending Ergonomic Design

. Ergonomic Grip for Foot and Hand Use

. Removable Boot for Easy Cleaning

. Sealed Non-Slip Base Grips Foor

. Frictionless Internal Motion

reLive® Foot & Body ROLLER

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