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Infuse your skin with our re-vitalizing and conditioning nourishment cream! This product is made with Glycerin, Aloe, and Goats Milk infused with 1000 mg CBD that provides complete absorption to the skin three layers down.

The small fat molecules in the cream carry the active compounds deep into the epidermis and surrounding capillaries. These creams are designed to provide a smooth drug delivery with goats milk, activate CB2 receptor healing mechanisms and moisturize the skin. The CB2 receptor system is designed to fight inflammation, increase immunity and provide muscular discomfort relief by calming overactive nerves. In addition, the cannabinoid receptor CB2 has been shown to mediate the wound repair process.

100% natural, contains no psychoactive ingredients and is third-party lab-tested for efficacy. Our products are 100% vegan and the cannabinoids are derived from pesticide free, USDA organic hemp grown in the USA.


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